WHERE there are celebrities, there is rarely a shortage of flashy cars.

From high-powered supercars to vintage classics, the rich and well-known are always out to impress in their motor.


Like many celebrities, Cristiano Ronaldo likes to show off his collection of expensive cars

For the rest of us, owning the same car as a celebrity is largely a pipe dream that will go unfilled.

But every now and then, a rare celebrity model will pop up into the public eye, giving us a chance to see how the other half live.

While they often demand a buying price far exceeding the average person’s range, they can also sell at auction for a very reasonable – and affordable – ticket.

We have compiled a list of eight cars once owned by some of the most globally renowned celebrities to have their motors passed on at public auction.

Read on to see which are the most pricey, and which cars have the most modest value despite their pedigree.


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