ONE of the most renowned James Bond cars in the movie franchises’ history is due to go on sale for a whopping £250,000.

The shiny red AMC Hornet X was driven by former 007, the late Roger Moore, ahead of the legendary bridge jump scene in The Man with the Golden Gun in 1974.

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The Hornet performed one of the best Bond car stunts ever

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The incredible jump was done successfully on the very first take

Well, at least that’s what we saw on the bog screen.

While the car was in fact driven by Moore during filming, the stunt that made it widely-known was performed by stuntman Loren ‘Bumps’ Willard.

Shot in Thailand in just one take, Willard launched the Hornet through the air at 40 mph, completing a 360 degree barrel-roll over a river and landing the car perfectly back on its wheels.

Amazingly, the AMC has not been modified since the stunt some 43 years ago, and remains in movie condition.

To perform the stunt, the car’s interior was modified significantly from the stock version of the Hornet.

SWNS:South West News Service

Completely modified for the film, the interior contains just one centrally located seat

SWNS:South West News Service

It remains in “jumping” condition more than 40 years later

The rear and front passenger seats were removed to make it lighter in the air, and a roll cage fitted.

Just three dials mark the dash-board, with the driver positioned in the middle of the car to help distribute the weight evenly.


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