THE most iconic movie cars of all time also carry some of the priciest personalised number plates in the world.

And in some cases, the widely-known registrations are almost as famous as the cars themselves.


007 JB plate appears on James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5


Thunderbirds FAB1 plate costs £117k

So how much would these licence plates be worth if they hit the open market?

Experts at car dealer Peter Vardy have compiled the list of the best movie cars and their pricey plates based on similar sales in recent years.

Top of the list is ROBIN 1 from Magnum P.I. which has an estimated value of £256,100 – not far off the value of the Ferrari 308 GTS driven by Tom Selleck’s cool detective.

Two James Bond plates are next – 007 JB (£128k) and AU1 from Goldfinger (£127k) – followed by FAB1 from Lady Penelope’s Thunderbirds car at £117,473.

Batman’s BAT 1 plate (£27k) and Doc Brown’s OUTATIME plate on his time-travelling DeLorean (£5k) also make the list.

But if these are a little outside your price range, we’ve hunted through the upcoming September DVLA number plate auction to pick out a few movie-themed alternatives that you can bag yourself for as little as £300.


Old school Batmobile features iconic Bruce Wayne plate


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